Imara Boeije

Movement Scientist
Physiotherapist BSc
Personal Trainer



Imara graduated as a movement scientist in 2020 at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

After an instructive internship with the exercise physiologist and physiotherapist of the Dutch national field hockey teams (KNHB) she decided to further develop herself through a BSc Physiotherapy.

Since then she has gained experience as, among others, AFC Ajax’s youth team therapist.

Also in her role as movement scientist, Imara has worked extensively with athletes, focusing on exercise physiology, testing, conditioning and improving overall performance.

By applying knowledge and skills acquired with movement sciences as a physiotherapist, she gives her work a deeper scientific layer.

Her ultimate goal is to enable people with musculoskeletal complaints to move unobstructed and pain free.

Our Vision

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No six-week transformations or quick fixes, but training and therapy for long-term health, using the best available evidence in science.


Our approach is based on you, our client. Symptoms such as pain are often the reason for an appointment. However, what is the actual problem and what do you want to be able to do again? The answer to those questions is usually broader than the physical approach of a conventional physiotherapist and/or trainer. Sometimes there is no quick fix and the solution isn’t sexy. Think of it as a change in behavior.


Based on our expertise, we try to get to the core of your complaint(s) and find the most suitable solution.

Unfortunately we cannot offer any guarantees. Anyone who claims otherwise often only achieves short-term results and lacks transparency. We help you take control of your situation. We need you for that.